Introduction to Bread Baking Workshop


  1. Hi,
    I signed up (well, filled in the form) for the 6th November workshop ages ago. I'm really looking forward to it! However, I've not had any response from you, and am getting a bit worried. Can you confirm that you got my details, and that I am on the course please? My name is Jenny Wood and you can find me on Twitter at WoodyJen. Thanks!

  2. Jenny, I just sent an email out with more details for the class - please check your "junk" folder in case it has gone in there

  3. Some wonderful comments from my students :

    "I had a brilliant time! I'm so excited about trying it at home. You're a great teacher Lily, thanks for welcoming us into your home and sharing your amazing recipes and baking secrets"
    (Hannah Lewis)

    "And the bread was delicious too!"
    (Ameera Mian)


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