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Non-Traditional Focaccia

In our households we don’t do hints – we use loud direction or loud swearing. One of these things must have worked, as Mr Ranty got fed up with me and have ordered me a shiny new oven to replace a rubbish gas one that came with our new house. The house is Victorian, and I am pretty sure the oven was near-Victorian as well – a split level gas oven that managed to burn everything on top while keeping bottom completely raw. Anyway, you get the picture, and now, thanks to my lovely Ranty Man I have a shiny new Smeg oven – massive gas burners and a large electricity powered oven. I am in love, that’s all I can say.

To test the new oven I wanted to do nice and simple bread – focaccia seemed like a good option. I must admit that most of the focaccia recipes I see online I am not impressed with. I have a book by Mr Silver Fox, aka Mr Great British Bake Off, aka Paul Hollywood, but his focaccia looks quite thin with tight crust. What I look for in focaccia is fluffy, textured dough with steaks…