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Canadian Pumpkin Pie

Last weekend I made a “Canadian” Pumpkin pie, and if you think that is weird, wait till you hear the reason for the pie. It was to take to a farewell dinner with our lovely neighbours – socialising with neighbours, in London – UNHEARD OF!!! J
Anyway, our neighbours is a lovely Canadian couple and they are going back home, they have invited us for dinner to their house and cooked New Zealand lamb in our honour and I have decided to make a “Canadian” pumpkin pie for them.
Now, I know a few people have a bit of a thing about pumpkin pies - its too sweet, too soft, too bland, too American, whatever. The first time I’ve made it, I followed Humming Bird Bakery cookbook recipe – it turned out looking just like it did in the book, but Mr Ranty wasn’t too impressed, and I was determined to make a pumpkin pie that will woe him.
So, here it is, a Maple, Bourbon, Pecan Pumpkin pie – aka “Canadian” Pumpkin Pie. The recipe mainly follows “Maple-Bourbon Pie” recipe from MyRecipes with a couple of twe…

Hop to it - Bunny Cake

Has it seriously been nearly a year since my last post??!!! Shocking!! Well, I’d better change that!! Rightto , I am committing to post something at least once a month, but hopefully it will be more frequent than that, especially with Halloween and Christmas coming up. Man, I love holidays !! Any excuse to bake :) So far I am planning : -Halloween themed cupcakes – I am thinking pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing and chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing -Pumpkin and Bourbon pie -Gingerbread house -Panettone -Christmas cake -Mince pies
Hmmmm….. I think that’s about it – pretty ambitious, but lets see how I go.
Just to prove that I am still baking, here is a photo of a cake I’ve made for Ms Rantlet’s 1st birthday – I know!!! 1 already!!! Where did the time go?

It’s a two-base cake – head is a lemon cake and bow and ears is a strawberry cake. I used Rachel Allen’s Easy Lemon cake recipe as a base for both cakes, with a couple of variations : Lemon cake : 110 g butter, softened and dice…