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Jamming in London

Jamming in London
When The jam mistress offers you to write a blog on her site, there is only one thing for it – grab your laptop and go! I first met Vivian a couple of years ago when I was muddling my way through batches and batches of bad marmalade – after one lesson from her, my marmalade is nearly perfect, even won three Silvers at Dalemain Marmalade awards! However, when it comes to jam making, I still have a lot to learn, but it doesn’t stop me from making jam from any fruit I can lay my hands on.
I am very lucky to live in the South East of London where fruit are plentiful and neighbors are friendly – not something I’d expect people associate with any part of London :)  Last year I spotted a number of large wild plum trees and was looking forward to picking some to make it into a jam. After a courtesy check with the neighbors I picked a large bag of plums, leaving plenty for birds and any other jam foragers. On the way back I saw another tree loaded with what assumed were a type…