My New Year BREAD-o-lution

Its that time of the year when we start making up plans for the future and write down New Year resolutions. I am pretty bad with sticking to any resolutions, and in fact I’ve given up even making any for a number of years.

This year I’ve decided to share my New Year resolution with all you lovely people, so if I start straying from the path you can yank me back on the straight and narrow.

So, the plan is to bake a new bread every month – something traditional – from as many countries as possible, something familiar and a bit unusual at the same time, something I haven’t baked before.<

Here is the plan, but I reserve the right to change it as I please :)

Please, join me in my baking – I would love to see your photos

January - English Cottage Bread. This is a good old traditional recipe, and I really like the fun shape of it. A nice and easy recipe to start the year.

February - Pain de Campagne. Again, a very traditional French bread – I’ve read a recipe for that pain de champagne in so many bread books but never actually managed to get around to baking it.

March - German pumpernickel. I have tried making pumpernickel bread before, but never found a recipe I liked, so its time to give it another go.

April - Colomba Pasquale – Italian Easter Dove cake, similar to panettone. I’ve made Panettone plenty of times before but have always admired the dove version, so that’s going on the list.

May - Russian Borodinski bread. I remember eating it as a child, so I am going to try and re-create my childhood.

June - Picnic Bread – I am thinking some sort of Italian or Frensh bread stuffed with roast peppers and cheers – something you can grab and head out for a picnic (being a bit optimistic – expecting summer picnic weather in June).

July - Sweet Braid of some description – a lot of Eastern European recipes with cottage cheese and cherries inside – yumm!

August - Tear and Share loaf. I’ve always admired the idea and all the different shapes you can make it in, but never actually made one.

September - Decorative Bread – I am thinking massive elaborately decorated loaf, with flowers and animals and who knows what.

October - Pumpkin and Cheese bread, I’ve made pumpkin bread and I’ve made cheese bread before, but not together. It sounds fun, and its seasonal after all.

November - Crusty Greek Bread (Horiatiko Psomi). I don’t think I’ve ever baked anything Greek, and its durum flour bread, so I am gonna give that a go.

December - Christmas Stollen. I am not a big fan of marzipan so have never thought of making a stolen before, well its time to change that.


  1. Wonderful idea! As for Pumpernickel, search "hanseata" on The Fresh Loaf. She had a marvelous writeup and there was a long post where multiple bakers worked on a dense,pumpernickel-class bread. As for Stoleen, I have never used marzipan. My recxipe must come from a different part of Germany-Dresden?? perhaps. How about a pannetonne, instead? Enjoy and bake delicious fun!
    clazar123 from The Fresh Loaf site

  2. Thanks for the pointers - will research that, I am addicted to FreshLoaf, so that's gives me a good excuse to go back

    I love panettone - make a sourdough version every year, wanted to try something different this time

    You going to join me in my bread-o-lution


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